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PM Attendant Launches Fleet Monitoring Software

Oklahoma City based Tour de Lube, LLC. and TLC Programming, LLC. have announced the release of PM Attendant, a web-based software designed to track and monitor preventive maintenance for fleet vehicles.  The software, accessible at www.pmattendant.com, is designed for managers to use on the field level, from any location.

"We have been servicing fleets since 1993," says PM Attendant and Tour de Lube President Ricardo Colon.  "What we have consistently seen is that one of the biggest challenges for fleet managers is tracking the mileage and individual requirements of their vehicles.  PM Attendant allows companies to set service parameters by vehicle or group of vehicles and get automatic reminders when a vehicle is due."

Colon noted that occasionally companies even duplicate services, by mistake, because of the difficulty in keeping accurate records.  "What this does is take the record keeping out of the hands of multiple drivers and others, and gives total control to the manager.  In some cases we even have the capability of inputting the mileage automatically using corporate fuel card records, with the client's approval."

In addition to the e-mail reminders, users can view detailed, customized reports that allow them to anticipate upcoming services by vehicle or groups of vehicles.  Customers may also do a vehicle-specific or system-wide cost analysis.

The service requires ongoing monthly, per-vehicle charges.  "We truly believe when companies look at how much money they can save, including money spent on management time, they will see the value in our product," Colon says.

For media inquiries contact:
Ricardo Colon
President, PM Attendant
(405) 341-7449


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