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Commercial and fleet vehicle and equipment dealers, along with service centers who cater to fleet and commercial clients, can now become distributors of PM Attendant software.  Distributorships require no up-front investment.  A completed dealer agreement allows distributors to market PM Attendant's online services directly to their clients, provide discounts to volume customers, and increase gross sales.

Some advantages to becoming a PM Attendant distributor:
  • Improved customer loyalty
    Dealers can use the software as added value, or as a marketing tool.  Vehicles registered through a PM Attendant distributor will be displayed on a page containing the dealer's logo, with a link to the dealer website, if applicable.  Service reminders to end-users can be customized and branded with the dealer's marketing information.

  • Better service penetration
    Distributors will receive mileage and services due reports on vehicles they registered (subject to privacy laws and customer approval).  These reports may be used by dealers when contacting end-users to set service appointments.  This is of particular benefit to dealers or service centers providing on-site, mobile service.  Customers are also provided a dealership link when viewing dealer-registered units, allowing them to schedule service directly from the website (requires dealer service contact e-mail).

  • Improved profitability
    Sales of PM Attendant services are not limited to new vehicles sold through the dealership.  PM Attendant distributors can register entire existing fleets of their existing client base.  Volume sales of PM Attendant software can be exceptionally profitable from a distributor level, and allow dealers to track service and mileage for other vehicles in their clients' fleets.

  • Ease of use
    The registration process for individual contracts is very simple, and requires only a few online steps.  PM Attendant provides tutorials, training and technical support for end-users.  Technical support is available via e-mail (support@pmattendant.com), toll free at (866) 341-7449 during normal business hours, and soon to come, via online chat.

  • Sales support
    PM Attendant will provide distributors with collateral materials, and will consult with its distributors on any large client presentations.

If you are a fleet or commercial vehicle or equipment dealer, or a service center catering to fleet and commercial clients, PM Attendant will improve your customer relations and your bottom line.  Fill out and submit the form below if you would like to find out more about how a PM Attendant distributorship could benefit you.

If you would like to apply to become an authorized dealer of PM Attendant software, you must first be a registerd customer. Please visit our registration page.


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