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PM Attendant is your best choice for web-based fleet cost tracking.  Your company fuel and maintenance data is available to you anytime, anywhere.  Services due reminders, robust reporting tools, and multiple user capability are all at your fingertips 24/7 without the need for expensive software or hardware upgrades.

PM Attendant monitors mileage and repair history, automating the fleet maintenance process.

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Depending upon drivers to log mileage or service visits is frightening at best and could be a recipe for disaster. PM Attendant takes the guesswork away from fleet management

Gone are the days of digging through file cabinets and individual vehicle service records to decide when a car or truck in your fleet needs scheduled maintenance. No more tracking down fuel slips to determine mileage. You set the service intervals for each vehicle.

Each vehicle's service history is always at your fingertips, and when services are due you receive an automatic reminder.